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Beagles make wonderful pets!

Beagles are great dogs and they make great pets, but there are a few things you should know before you adopt one.


Beagles are mainly outdoor dogs but they do enjoy being indoors. As long as they have lots of space, and/or get walked alot, they should be fine.


Naturally, beagles are omnivores (they eat plants and meat), but they do have a restricted diet. The best thing to feed them is dog food (for medium-sized dogs), but here is a list of the best things to feed one (other than dog food):

  • Meats (Fish, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Ham and most other meats) (Warning: All meat given to beagles must be cooked and have no bone!, they can get parasites just like humans from uncooked meat, and many beagles have choked on bones from meat)
  • Rice
  • Eggs (must be cooked in some way)
  • Vegetables (must be chopped into small pieces)

Also here is a list of things NOT to give beagles:

  • Fruit (too high sugar content)
  • Chocolate (can seriously injure a beagle)
  • Candy
  • Milk (lactate from cows makes them sick)


Due to the fact that beagles are naturally outdoor dogs, they should probably be combed and/or brushed once a week. They should be bathed once a month. They can have their teeth brushed whenever you feel they need it. (Note: Beagles are infamous for their "Beagle Breath", this is due to never brushing or cleaning). Once a month you should also clean their ears. The inside of their earflaps build up gunk after being outside. use a rag, or towel and simply rub away their ear gunk. Also, once a month or week you should clean around their eyes, over time gunk builds up that looks like tears. Also with this you may simply wipe away the gunk.