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A male tri-color beagle

Unknown to most, there are four different types of beagles


These are the most popular types of beagle. The colors on their coats are: black, brown, and white. For more info see: Tri-Colors


This type has become very famous in dog shows over the past few years. In fact, the award winning "Uno" was a bi-color beagle. These have the same body shape as the tri-color, but have a brown and white coat.

Blue TicksEdit

These types of beagle have also become very popular over the past years. They are slightly taller and slimmer than tri and bi-colors, and have bluish-black dots on their lower body. For more info see: Blue-Ticks

Lemon BeaglesEdit

These types have the same body shape as the Blue Ticks, but their coats are white, light tan, and light cream yellow.